EST. 2007

The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.

EST. 2007

The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.










March 8, 2012

Santa Monica Engagement: Tori & Dustin

Oh, how the years go by…

It was over 12 years ago that we first crossed paths.  Those were the days when I was too young to wear makeup.  When he had braces.  The days when Starter jackets were just on their way out of the popular crowd.  When discmans were not allowed in class.  Though we loved our music… Candy by Mandy Moore.  Kiss Me by Six Pence None the Richer.  What’s My Age Again?  Blue by Eiffle 65?

Oh, how the years go by…

Now, I’ll be honest.  I don’t remember when we first met.  But through some deductive reasoning, here’s what we came up with:

René: Dustin, what team were you on in 7th grade?  Did we know each other then?  When did we first meet?

Dustin: 7A.  We met in 7th grade English.  Can’t remember the teacher.

René: Wow.  You remember that?

Dustin: I think you even sat in the far back corner. [insert chuckles here] For some reason I think the teacher must have been Javernick, but that doesn’t sound quite right.  I think Estes was math, Smith was geography, and I can’t remember science. 

René: Erickson was science. I think you’re right about Javernick.  Far back corner?  haha 

Everything between then and our senior year of high school is pretty foggy to me.  I seem to remember we hung out in different circles, but were always cordial to one another.  Our friendship really began our junior year when we both ran for high school co-presidents.  Head Boy and Head Girl were the official terms. :-)  Though we didn’t run as a team, I think we were both shock when we won our respective positions.  The next year was filled with Student Council camp, weekly meeting with our principals, public speaking opportunities, and so much teamwork.

Fast forward seven years… Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being a part of Dustin’s wedding day! This May he is going to marry the sweetest girl ever: Tori.  She’s beautiful, driven, about to finish medical school, has a huge smile, and a great laugh.  It’s so cool to see my old counterpart, Dustin, all grown up and in love.  He’s so gentle and tender with her.

Last weekend we met up in California to do their engagement pictures.  Currently, they’re living in Arizona, but we chose to visit California for the engagement experience since these two met at Biola University during their undergrad years and had some pretty awesome date nights at the Santa Monica Pier.

So without further ado, Dustin and Tori!

So much love to you guys,

We started the day with little lunch and then headed over to Biola.

I’m not gonna lie… 80 degrees was a nice break to this chilly Colorado weather.

Tori spent quite a bit of time in this chapel praying for a lot thing, but especially for her and Dustin’s relationship.

These are my favorite!  Tori, you are stunning.

I love how playful these two are!

After a “short” drive to Santa Monica and a little traffic, we made it to the beach!

Oh, how I LOVE THIS!

Yeah… hardly an ounce of makeup on this girl too.


If you watched the latest episode of Modern Family, Leap Day, this location ought to look familiar to you. :-)

 Dustin and Tori… I can hardly wait for May to be here!  I cannot wait to kick off the summer season with your beautiful Arizona wedding! Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of the beginning of the rest of your life. I’m honored and thrilled at the same time.  I love you guys to the moon and back.


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  1. Ali says:

    Wow, Dustin! Congratulations! Your future bride is beautiful!!! P.S…I remember the 7th grade Dustin with braces, too. ;)

  2. Jessica Ellen Gorman says:

    Gorgeous pictures, love the variety of places, you guys make a great couple!!!

  3. Nicole says:

    So BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE these pics!

  4. Kim DeClaire says:

    All of the pictures are great, but the ones under the pier are my favorite! I love how they contrast with the rest. And the last one is amazing. All the colors!

  5. sunset, beach… sigh… romance! :) gorgeous!

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful!! :) You guys are so cute

  7. LuAnn says:

    Beautiful pictures. Best wishes to your both.

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