EST. 2007

The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.

EST. 2007

The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.










November 21, 2017

Florence, Italy Anniversary Portraits: Jennifer & Matthew

Sometimes dreams really do come true!  Mine in particular.  Bear with me here. :-)  After Jennifer & Matthew’s wedding last summer, I remember thinking, “I would give anything to shoot that wedding again! I just LOVE them and love photographing them!  It was the best day ever!”

And lo and behold, I got my wish!  Jennifer & Matthew just happened to be in Italy for their one year anniversary during the same time frame I wad advertising my Italy trip.  The stars aligned to connect with these two for just ONE day while I was visiting my family in Florence.  We met up for a glass of wine and it was like no time had passed.  I’ll always remember sharing wine with them during their engagement photos too!  Oh, how I love these two.

We started around Florence’s mighty, bold, and STUNNING duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Just then it started spitting rain at us.  We covered under our umbrella and walked to the Ponte Vecchio for some of my favorite images ever, and then ended with what we hoped would be magnificent city views at Piazza de Michelangelo. However, the rain really started coming down.  We even had two rounds of cappuccinos to wait it out but had no luck.

But alas, these two kept a smile on and savored the experience as we celebrated their first year of marriage. Some days it rains, some days it pours, and some days it’s sunny and 75.  You have to take the good with the bad and make the most of your days.  At least, that’s the lessons I’m learning in my young marriage.

Jennifer & Matthew, I so cherish you two.  I don’t see you nearly enough, but when we do, epic things happen.  I’m so grateful for the chance to continue walking this journey with you! Thank you for having me!

With love, joy, and adventure,




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